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Cold Spring Dance is a contemporary dance company committed to making Art History and Nature come to life through movement.


The Cold Spring Dance studio and gardens are set on a mountaintop location that includes the home of the late author, architect, engineer and Columbia University Professor Mario Salvadori. Salvadori sought to engage his students by demonstrating the practical role of mathematics and science in their everyday lives. The Company’s headquarters, performance and studio space serve as an inspirational setting for rehearsals, workshops and productions. Thus, Cold Spring Dance furthers Salvadori’s philosophy of engaging students by incorporating art and creativity in their everyday lives.

Cold Spring Dance’s repertoire includes these dances, created over the last 20 years:

Byzantium to Pop

A review of historical and artistic periods from Byzantium through the 1960s, intertwining the lives of influential figures of their time.

On the Air

Revisits the protest movement of the late 1960s juxtaposed with the Arab Spring Movement.

Hymn to Anna

Set to haunting Byzantine Music, a poetic look at ascending & descending angels while reflecting on the rituals and phases of life.

Waiting for America

Compelling voices inspire American self-examination.


Re-creates the ethos of the period using a variety of music and traditional Renaissance costumes.

The Third Day

The evolution of life and the development of civilization in its early stages set against images of ancient times.

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